Elounda Real Estate


The Elounda Emerald Villas are closely connected to the Elounda SA Hotels and Resorts, whose services are extended to the Emerald Villas as part of the Odyssey Club Privilege Programme. The Odyssey Club is a membership programme for home owners in the surrounds of the hotels and resorts, and comes with an annual membership fee, the first of which is waived for buyers of the Emerald Villas. The programme has three main components:

  • Access to the full services of the hotels and resorts by showing the Odyssey Club membership card upon entry. Included in the privileges is reserved space at the beaches (with umbrellas, sun loungers, towels, etc) so that owners of the Emerald Villas can enjoy resort beach life on any day they wish. An account is kept at all outlets, so Odyssey Club members can charge everything just like hotel guests.
  • Discounts on all sevices offered by the hotels and resorts, like golf, spa, water sports, dining and drinks, including discounts on the accommodation for the owner's friends and relatives in any of the rooms and suites. These discounts apply automatically whenever the Odyssey Club membership card is used to charge services to the account.
  • In-house services for the Emerald Villas according to a prescribed scheme of either hourly or per-day charges of the following staff specialties: chambermaids, gardeners, pool-boys, technicians, waiters, chefs, nannies, and drivers. Concierge services are not charges, while the hotels and resorts can also arrange a variety of parties and receptions at the villas, in addition to making sure that the owners can arrive and leave their home just like at a hotel villa: by having everything taken care of by our dedicated staff.

The Elounda Emerald Villas are an extension of the Elounda family of hotels and resorts, and as such stand at a level above and beyond any other private home available anywhere on the island of Crete, besides of course the Elounda Peninsula Diamond Residences within the resort itself.